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Group & Corporate Events

Planning an event for your group, but looking for something unique? HIP Motorsports creates a memorable experience that's perfect for your next group or business function.

You and your friends, colleagues or customers will feel the thrill of car racing action, driving HIP's top-quality racing simulators! Race wheel-to-wheel, then hang out in the HIP Lounge to chirp and laugh about the races and enjoy some delicious food and drinks.  It's a great team-building experience… but everyone will have too much fun to notice they're team-building!

Let's plan it...

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Group & Corporate Event FAQs

My group has never done any Sim Racing... will they have fun?

Absolutely!  HIP Motorsports knows how to deliver a great experience for your group, regardless of their skill level.  For most groups, the skill level varies, but many are brand new to sim racing.  Fortunately, we are experts in getting people up to speed quickly and structuring your event so that everyone is engaged and has a great time!  It will be an exciting, memorable event that’s fun for all experience levels.

Is this good for team building?

Sim Racing at HIP Motorsports is fantastic for team building!  We set things up in a way that your people will be working together to win!  The best part is that everyone will be having too much fun to notice that it’s team building!

How many people can you accommodate?

HIP Motorsports creates great experiences for groups of any size up to 50 people.

How long will my event be?

Overall, an event usually takes about 2-4 hours, depending on the number of people participating.  This typically includes 1 to 2 hours in the simulators for each participant.  If your event includes food and beverage service, you'll take some time to relax in the HIP lounge between sessions.  Along with the racing itself, we wrap other fun race-related activities into your event, to deliver a full and immersive racing experience.

Do you serve food?

Yes!  We have a range of food options available, from basic snacks to gourmet appetizers, from pizza or subs to a fully catered main course with sides.  Pop, water, coffee and tea can be provided.

Do you serve alcoholic beverages?

Yes, we are happy to provide alcoholic beverage service for your group.  Just let us know when we're planning your event.

What does it cost?

We tailor your event to meet your needs.  Pricing varies based on overall group size and your choices for Sim Racing time/features, food and beverages.  Give us a call and we'll help you create a great group event that will fit your budget.

Let's plan it...

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