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What is HIP Motorsports?

HIP Motorsports is your Toronto area source for Sim Racing!  We deliver unique Sim Racing experiences for individuals, groups & companies in our incredible 3,500-foot facility.

Looking for a unique team-building activity? You can book a memorable event for your business, organization, or group.

New to Sim Racing?  We will help you get started in our simulators here in the HIP eSports Studio. Want to compete in-person against other Sim Racers in an exciting race studio environment?  Join one of our In-Person Leagues.  Want to prepare for the racetrack in real life?  The simulators in HIP's Pro Studios provide top-level equipment, software, telemetry data and realism to deliver leading-edge training capabilities for amateurs and professionals.

Ready for your own simulator?  We sell Sim Racing chassis and components, providing everything you need... from entry-level through to complete, custom built Turn-Key Race Simulator solutions.

HIP Motorsports also provides personalized Race Driver Training programs, where simulator sessions and real-life track sessions can be combined to help you achieve your goals.

HIP Motorsports's How I Play.

The HIP Motorsports Mission

HIP Motorsports goal is to help Canadians thrive in both Sim Racing and Real-Life Racing, by connecting those communities.  Whether you're a professional or aspiring racer, or just passionate about driving cars to the limits of their performance in the terrestrial or digital space, HIP has what you need.  We elevate Canadian car racers in various genres by providing a safe, exciting and welcoming environment to improve their craft and connect with the community of like-minded racing nuts.


HIP Motorsports's How I Play.


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