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Pro Studios

The Pro Studios at HIP feature top-level sim racing equipment in individual suites.  These simulators deliver a premium sim racing experience for professional racers and those striving to get there.

One of these is HIP's Continuous Rotation simulator by Force Dynamics.  This big rig is unique in its ability to rotate 360 degrees and always follow the direction of the virtual car.  This delivers a unique motion experience, reproducing sustained gravitational forces on the driver.


You don't have to be an aspiring pro racer to experience the incredible HIP Pro simulators.

It'll just feel like you are.

Try HIP's Pro Studios...

Pro Studios

Race Driver Training

HIP Motorsports provides personalized race driver training programs.  HIP will help you develop your skills and racecraft by combining simulator sessions, data analysis and real-life track sessions to help you achieve your goals.

Get ready to race...

Race Training
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